Joyce Scarbrough

Stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true.

Coming soon: ﷯ a novel
The second installment in the Unfinished series. Like so many men in Alabama, Wade Strickland’s father thinks God created football on the 8th day. He makes Wade start using steroids when he’s 14 years old to give him a playing edge, and he justifies it by telling Wade that he’s too dumb to do anything else. After years of abuse from his father and heartache from losing the only girl he’ll ever love to a blue-eyed Boy Scout who plays baseball, Wade wraps his Corvette around a tree and takes his own life. To his surprise, he ends up in Afterlife Admissions and is told by Flo that he has to serve as a Transdead Trustee and prevent other young athletes from using steroids. And If that’s not bad enough, the first young man he has to help is a baseball player of all things. Wade toughs it out and actually becomes friends with the guy he has to help, but he runs into trouble when the girl he can’t forget shows up in Tampa where Wade is assigned, and her life is in danger. He knows that if he makes any contact with her, he’ll have to remain transdead indefinitely, but what’s a heartsick dead guy to do?
Coming soon: ﷯ a novel
Jolynn Fagan is the kind of white trash that inspires tattoos and water tower messages. A no-good troublemaker from a long line of mouth-breathing rednecks with no aspirations of ever being anything else. After one look at her, Marcus knows his mother would cross the street to avoid passing her on the sidewalk. His sister and her friends would gleefully rip her to shreds for being a tramp and—even more of a travesty—for dressing like one. And his father would peer down his nose at her with all the self-righteous disdain and condemnation that comes from being the headmaster of Kingdom Academy, the most prestigious Christian private school for African-Americans in the state of Alabama. But after that first look at her, Marcus himself can’t get her out of his head. Exceedingly more disturbing, he also can’t get her out of his dreams.

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