Joyce Scarbrough

Stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true.

Three boys in love with the same girl. A son's promise to his father. A bitter rivalry ends in tragedy. The toughest choice of her life...


1980—senior year! In this final installment of the True Blue Trilogy, it's getting harder than ever for Jeana to deal with the intense and violent relationships that Mickey, Wade, and Billy Joe have with her and with each other, and they all have tough choices to make about college and the rest of their lives. Just when they think they have things all figured out, tragedy strikes and everything changes, forcing Jeana to make the hardest decision she'll ever have to make. The road they travel to adulthood is paved with laughter, tears, and more than one kind of heartache, but Jeana holds on through it all to the one thing she never questions: a love that's True Blue.


Fans of The Notebook will revel in the enduring love story, and baseball fans will adore the father/son dynamics like those in

Field of Dreams.




© 2018 Joyce Sterling Scarbrough