Joyce Scarbrough

Stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true.

Jessica Cassady is a copyeditor for a small newspaper in Georgia where her husband Lee is a sportswriter. While he’s at a convention in New York, Jess calls his hotel room in the middle of the night and a woman answers the phone. Lee swears things aren't what they seem, but Jess still kicks him out. While she's deciding whether or not to believe his story and forgive him, she realizes her hair pulling is more than just a nervous habit and finds out she has a condition called trichotillomania. As if that's not enough to deal with, her domineering mother shows up for a surprise visit.


Things become even more complicated when she runs into Noah Hamilton, a sweet, unassuming history teacher from her past. Jess’s interest in Noah makes Lee even more determined to win back his wife. Sparks fly as these two polar opposites on the testosterone scale compete for Jess's affection, and it makes Jess wonder if she should forego the beefcake brigade and give the sensitive type a try like her cat and her best friend Deb want her to do, or should she give in to the addictive rush she's always felt whenever she's close to Lee?


Will Jess be able to find her emotional center, decide which man is right for her and finally achieve the symmetry she craves in every aspect of her life? It's enough to make any girl pull out her hair!








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