Joyce Scarbrough

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Short Stories

Jaycee's mother dies when she's six and leaves her with an alcoholic father. All the kids at school make fun of her, and she spends most of her time fighting. This is the story of how a very special teacher makes a difference in Jaycee's life that gives her the hope she needs to survive.

Cal Pardue and his grandfather have taken care of each other just fine without any women in their lives, then Hurricane Katrina destroys their house and forces them to live on their crab boat. When Amos has to go into a nursing home after a hip injury, Cal is suspicious of Jasmine Gregory, the beautiful but annoying social worker who takes a shine to his grandfather. And wouldn't you know it—Cal and Jasmine discover their animosity stems from a mutual attraction neither of them wants to admit.

Short prequel to the novel True Blue Forever. Eleven-year-old boys Billy Joe DuBose, Wade Strickland and Mickey Royal fall in love with Jeana Russell at the fifth grade honors program when they hear her recite the poem she wrote. Which boy will succeed in winning her heart?

A young couple takes shelter from a storm in an abandoned cabin. They may have escaped the rain, but they can't escape the darkness that drove them there.

17-year-old Jaycee Stevens doesn't plan to stay a second longer than necessary in the rural Alabama town where she grows up with an abusive, alcoholic father. Usually, everything Jaycee does is focused on either getting a college scholarship in softball or pretending to her boyfriend Cole that she's a lot tougher than she really is. When Cole finds out she has a Valentine's Day tradition with a boy who's had a crush on her since third grade, he knows there's a lot more to this blonde tempest than meets the eye.

Clay has hit JoElla more times than she can count, but she’s never considered leaving him until one day the week before Christmas. Something finally makes her realize that she and her little girl deserve better, but what will happen to them if they leave, and where will they go? Find out what makes JoElla take that first step.

What would you do if you had the chance to finish what was left undone in your life? Wade gets to spend one more day with the only girl he'll ever love and tell her what he needs to say. But will he be able to find the words that will heal his heart without breaking hers?

Who would've expected that a woman's New Year's Resolution to get in shape by walking every day would lead her to a terrifying glimpse of insanity? This is the story of a divorcée trying to get her life back in more ways than one.

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