Joyce Scarbrough

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The first installment in the Unfinished series. After she’s murdered by an Internet predator, 18-year-old Jada Gayle arrives in the Afterlife Admissions office and discovers that an Administrative Hold has been placed on her account. Flo—Jada’s Afterlife Advisor—informs her that she must stay among the living until she finds and stops the man who murdered her. The now “transdead” Jada assumes the identity of a homeless teen and gets assigned to a nice foster home in Miami’s Coconut Grove where she’s expected to simply fit in as she hunts down her killer. But blending in isn’t so easy when you’re a zombie girl with super strength.


To make things worse, Jada hasn’t felt normal human emotions since her father and best friend died in an accident, so imagine her surprise when she discovers an addendum to her termination agreement was inadvertently left out of her paperwork and means she now must learn to deal with real feelings. How can a dead girl be expected to feel anything when life had left her so empty? Then she meets Lew Stanton—captain of the chess team and computer whiz who makes her dead heart beat phantom rhythms in her chest. How is any self-respecting dead girl supposed to focus on killing scumbags when she has the hots for a nerd?


While Jada deals with all this unwanted teenage angst, the man who murdered her is closing in on more foolish girls. Jada thinks she has plenty of time to handle everything until the night she gets a terrifying message: I HAVE YOUR FRIEND.


Kindle and Paperback Edition

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